As owner/property manager of rental property listed below within Springville City, I elect to have the utility services automatically reconnected during periods of vacancy.

I agree to pay for all electric, water, sewer and solid waste charges provided to the properties listed on this agreement while in my name. In the event of the service being disconnected for nonpayment while the service is in my name, all of my delinquent amounts are to be paid in full before service will be restored. Failure to comply will result in the immediate cancellation of this agreement.

I agree that I will not hold Springville City Utilities liable for any damages incurred should Springville City Utilities need to discontinue power during the course of routine collections. Springville City Utilities will not notify me of the disconnection. I will notify Springville City Utilities for the reconnection of power.

This authorization will be in effect two working days after receipt by Springville City Utilities and will remain in effect until cancelled in writing by you or by Springville City Utilities.

To terminate your utilities, fill out this PDF and attach it to the form below.

Landlord Agreement